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United Kingdom


Diocese of the UK Geographical boundaries of the
Diocese of the United Kingdom

Episcopal Succession

The Right Reverend Leslie Hamlett (1992-1997)
The Most Reverend John Cahoon, Jr. (1997-1998)*
The Right Reverend Mark Haverland (1998-2006)*
The Right Reverend Rommie Starks, (2006-2008)*
The Right Reverend Damien Mead (2008-present)

*Indicates an Episcopal Visitor


The Diocese of the United Kingdom was formally established in 1992, when the Reverend Leslie Hamlett was consecrated its first Bishop Ordinary.  This was in response to certain acts by the Church of England by which it joined the Episcopal Church (USA) in pursuing a course contrary to the principles outlined in the Affirmation of St. Louis. 

Bishop Hamlett served as Bishop Ordinary until his resignation in 1997.  After that the Diocese was served by a series of Episcopal Visitors from the United States.  This interim period ended in 2008, when a writ of election was issued by the ACC's College of Bishops.  Acting on this license, the Diocesan Synod selected its Vicar General, the Very Reverend Damien Mead, and on September 20th, 2008, Father Mead was consecrated as the second Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese.

Bishop Ordinary

Born in 1968 in the town of Chatham, Kent, Damien Mead was baptized and confirmed into the Church of England in its days of orthodoxy. He was educated at the Diocesan Payne Smith School and the Geoffrey Chaucer School in Canterbury, and following graduation began seminary training and was awarded a Diploma in Theological Studies.

Bishop Mead The Right Reverend Damien Mead: 
Diocese of the UK

After his ordination to the priesthood in an 'Old Catholic' jurisdiction in 1990, Father Mead served parishes in London and Kent. Having growing concerns about the Old Catholic jurisdiction to which they belonged, Father Mead and his congregation sought an alternative home. As the Church of England moved further and further away from Biblical principals in the early 1990s, the Continuing Church began to find a foothold in the British Isles, and with it came an orthodox Anglican alternative to the Old Catholic Church.  After a short time with the Traditional Anglican Church, part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, he and his parish of Our Lady of Walsingham & St. Francis in Rochester, Kent, requested admission and were received into the ACC, where Father Mead was ordained 'sub conditione' to the diaconate and priesthood. Father Mead was appointed Dean of the Diocese of the United Kingdom in 2001, Vicar General in 2004, and elected Bishop Ordinary in 2008.

Before his consecration, Bishop Mead helped found Credo Care, Ltd. (www.credocare.co.uk), an independent fostering agency for disabled children, which is registered with the OFSTED (the government inspection agency for child care organisations).  He remains with Credo Care as its Chairman. Bishop Mead is also the founding Director of The Canterbury Church Shop, Ltd. www.canterburychurchshop.co.uk., a Church Supply and Christian Gift Shop in the City of Canterbury.

In addition to his work for the Church, Bishop Mead is Chairman of the Kent Branch of the Constitutional Monarchy Association, a Life Member of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), a Governor of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, and a supportive member of the Royal British Legion.

Diocesan Administration

The Bishop is assisted in the administration of the Diocese by his Council of Advice which is appointed annually at the Diocesan Synod. The Diocese of the United Kingdom is divided into two Deaneries; North and South and each has a Dean appointed by the Bishop for a three year term. In addition the Diocese also has an Archdeacon who is, after the Bishop, the senior clergyman, also appointed for a three year term.

The Bishop is assisted in administration of the Diocese by various officers as laid out in the canons.  Key personnel are listed below; for a complete list, please email the Diocesan Secretary.

Archdeacon & Dean of the South
The Venerable Raymond Thompson

Dean of the North
The Very Revd. Charles Johnson
Parish Priest: St. Alban the Martyr Salford, Manchester

Chairman of the Board of Ministry
Canon Donald Walker, Priest in Charge: St Bede, Thames Ditton, Surrey

Dr. Frank Wiswall

Dr. Roy Fidge
Warden: St. Mary & St. Eanswythe Dartford, Kent

Mrs Samantha Hall
St Augustine, Painters Forstal, Kent

For more information, please visit the Official Website of the ACC's Diocese of the UK, or click on one of the parish links below.