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Diocese of the Congo Geographical boundaries of the
Diocese of the Congo

Episcopal Succession

The Right Reverend Steven Ayule Milenge (2012-present)


The ACC in Congo traces its roots to the early 2000s, when Father Steven Ayule Milenge was licensed by the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) to establish an Anglican mission among the Francophone population of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Father Ayule Milenge's mission was registered with the Congolese government in December of 2004, and on November 16th, 2009, the Eglise Catholique Anglicane au Congo   was granted official recognition as a church by the Minister of Justice.

Subsequent years were difficult ones, as war in the eastern provinces of the DRC and lack of funding took a toll on the fledgling church.  Father Ayule Milenge himself was injured in an attack by armed militia and support from the wider church was difficult to come by.  By late 2009, Father Ayule Milenge determined that his situation was untenable and requested that he and his people be allowed to join the ACC.  His petition was accepted, and in October of 2010 the Eglise Catholique Anglicane au Congo  was formally received into the ACC as the Missionary Diocese of the Congo.  At a synod later that year, Father Ayule Milenge was elected bishop, and on October 16th, 2012, was consecrated at the Church of the Holy Guardian Angels, Lantana, Florida.

Bishop Ordinary

Born in 1962 in the small eastern Congo city of Mihenge, Steven Ayule Milenge was the son of an Anglican priest. He was educated in primary and secondary schools in what was then called Zaïre, after which he moved to Brussels where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  His theological studies were at Uganda Christian University Mukono (UCU) and South Africa Theological Seminary in Johannesburg, where he earned AB in Theology in 2004. He holds a Masters degree from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology in Karela, India and a Ph.D from the Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary in Florida.

Bishop Ayule Milenge The Right Reverend Steven Ayule Milenge: 
Diocese of the Congo

Father Ayule Milenge was ordained a deacon in the Canterbury Communion in 1996 and priested in 1998.  Shortly thereafter, his father was murdered during an uprising in Eastern Congo, and Father Ayule Milenge fled to South Africa as a refugee.  In 2000, following the decision by Congolese Anglicans to ordain women to the priesthood, he applied to join the TAC, and for several years worked to build up a congregation of Congolese Anglicans in South Africa.  After returning to the DRC in 2004, he has worked continuously to sustain and expand traditional Anglicanism in Francophone Africa. 

Following his reception into the ACC in 2011, Bishop Ayule-Milenge has been instrumental in bringing healing to the war-torn regions of his native country.  He has established parishes in the Kivu region and sponsored missions to the Pygmy peoples in the equatorial forest near Lake Tanganyika.  He has established a sewing clinic in the city of Bukavu, where women who are victims of sexual assault and war crimes can find shelter and learn skills to support themselves and their families.  He has also established schools and clinics in Bukavu as well, one of which will soon be designated a hospital by Congolese government.

Diocesan Administration

The Bishop is assisted in the administration of the Diocese by his Council of Advice which is appointed annually at the Diocesan Synod. The Diocese is divided into three regions, each with its own Archdeacon, appointed by the Bishop.

Key personnel are listed below; for a complete list, please email the Diocesan Secretary.

Archdeacon of Nord Tanganyika  
The Ven. Chanoine Mamba Itongwa Afela Phone: +243 812727975
Email: mambaitoafela@yahoo.fr

Archdeacon of Baraka-Kimbi
The Ven. Venerable Mmokywa Mtundu
Phone: +243 814425891
Email: ven-mmokywamtundu@gmail.com   

Archdeacon of Itombwe Lulenge
The Ven. Bitangaca Etambala 
Phone: +243 821234767   

Diocesan Chancellor
Magistrate Asaba Bahati Jansen
Phone: +243 813647123
Email: asabajansens@gmail.com

Secretary and Treasurer
Mrs. Espérance Bahogwene Maheshe
Phone: +243 853603014

Chairman of Diocesan Schools
The Revd. Abumba Alaka+
Phone: +243 8129703
Email: abumbalaka@yahoo.fr

For more information, please contact the Bishop Ordinary: 

Email: ayulesteven@yahoo.fr
Phone: +243 853712068



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