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Holy Trinity


Diocese of the Holy Trinity Geographical boundaries of the
Diocese of the Holy Trinity

Episcopal Succession

The Right Reverend James Orin Mote (1978-1992)
The Right Reverend James Richard McNeley (1992-1999)
The Right Reverend William McClean (2003-2006)*
The Right Reverend Denver Presley Hutchens (2006-2013)*
The Right Reverend Stephen Scarlett

*Indicates an Episcopal Visitor


In 1978, the ACC was born in what was to become the Diocese of the Holy Trinity, when then Father James O. Mote was one of four bishops consecrated in response to the call for an orthodox jurisdiction at the Synod of St. Louis.  Later that year, at the first Provincial Synod of the ACC, held in Dallas, Texas, the Diocese of the Holy Trinity was formed. 

Originally, the DHT consisted of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, and Washington.  In 1980 the state of Indiana was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Diocese of the Midwest, and after a merger with the now defunct Diocese of the Pacific and Southwest, Holy Trinity reached its present size.  The Diocese is now comprised of all states west of the Mississippi river, with the exception of the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Diocesan Administration

The Episcopal Visitor is assisted in the administration by the officers of the Diocese as laid out in the canons.  For a complete list, please email the Diocesan Secretary.

Position Currently Vacant
The Very Reverend DeWitt Truitt
St. Mary's, Denver
Chairman, Commision on Ministry
The Reverend Stephen Scarlett
St. Matthew's Newport Beach
Ms. Erin Moriarty
St. Matthew's, Newport Beach
Mrs. Jillian Marion
St. Matthew's, Newport Beach
Ms. Vicky Smith
St. Matthew's Newport Beach


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