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Flooding in Aweil leaves thousands homeless; Bishop Garang asks for aid

Aug 20, 2019

Recent flooding in the Aweil state of South Sudan has wreaked havoc on infrastructure and left thousands homeless.  The UN has reported the death toll has reached 62 and more than 37,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Weather forecaste...

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Bishop Garang visits parishes in South Sudan--performs Confirmations and reports on need for clean water

Jan 22, 2018

This week Bishop Wilson Garang returned to Nairobi after a month-and-a-half long visitation to the Diocese of Aweil. His visitation comes at an uncertain time in South Sudan, with many people displaced from their homes by the civil war which has b...

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Despite obstacles, work continues on Aweil Cathedral

Dec 18, 2013

Despite the recent hardships that have beset South Sudan, members of the Anglican Catholic Church continue to do Christ’s work.  Following the August flooding, funds were sent for the relief of those affected, and efforts are ongoing to...

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Aid needed for victims of flooding in South Sudan

Oct 31, 2013

Click Here to Donate Now In recent years, most of the reporting by Western media on the situation in Sudan has focused on the country’s decades long civil war, and though a fragile peace has been in place since 2005, people on the border sti...

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