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ACC in Pakistan holds convention--builds ecumenical ties and receives new members into the Church

Jun 18, 2018

Bishop Mushtaq Andrew of the Diocese of Lahore reports that the ACC in Pakistan is doing well, and that there are indications of developing ecumenical ties between Christians in the area.  The Bishop cited a recent convention, held at the pa...

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Despite recent troubles, faithful in Pakistan enter Holy Week with a sense of hope

Mar 30, 2015

For the Anglican Catholic Church in Pakistan, 2015 started on a hopeful note.  After months of planning, Father Mushtaq Andrew received a visa to travel to South Africa, where he was to be consecrated as the ACC’s Bishop of Lahore. ...

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Severe flooding threatens ACC parishes and school

Sep 9, 2014

Flooding in India and Pakistan this week have left hundreds dead and displaced thousands, as rivers continue to rise.  Though heavy rains are common in the monsoon season, inhabitants of the area surrounding the Jhelum and Chenab Rivers were ...

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California parish sends aid to the Church in Pakistan

Jun 8, 2014

The Diocese of Lahore of ACC is a thriving church community in Pakistan.  Led by Bishop-elect Mushtaq Andrew, the Pakistani Church looks to serve the Lord by reaching out to their neighbors with the good news of Christ. Unfortunately, their m...

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Christmastide brings aid to the poor in Pakistan.

Dec 27, 2013

While many Christians in the west are putting away ornaments and taking down trees, members of the ACC in Pakistan continue to celebrate the coming of Christ.  And in a country where Christmas gifts themselves are uncommon, the ones coming fr...

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