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Bishop Garang Issues Urgent Appeal for Aid

Mar 27, 2017

In recent months both the ACC website and The Trinitarian have reported on the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.  Though many have responded, the situation remains dire, leading Bishop Wilson Garang to make the following appeal. In February...

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Situation still dire in the Diocese of Aweil

Feb 14, 2017

In a recent email from the Diocese of Aweil, Bishop Wilson Garang reports that the situation there is dire.  Due to severe weather and economic crisis, many people are leaving the diocese to search for food and work in Northern Sudan.  T...

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Health Crisis Grips Aweil

Apr 25, 2016

by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian A growing health crisis threatens to overwhelm the ACC’s Diocese of Aweil in the northwest corner of strife-torn South Sudan, the world’s newest nation and one of its poorest. “In 2014, i...

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Despite obstacles, work continues on Aweil Cathedral

Dec 18, 2013

Despite the recent hardships that have beset South Sudan, members of the Anglican Catholic Church continue to do Christ’s work.  Following the August flooding, funds were sent for the relief of those affected, and efforts are ongoing to...

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