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rabbulapentecost Introducing Anglican Rites in Yaounda.


The capital of Cameroon is Yaoundé: and it is in this city of 1.6 million people, that the ACC has established the parish of St. André.  Here, in the busy suburb of Ngoulemekong, the vicar general of the ACC, Fr. Alphonse Vascaniat Ndutiye, carries out his work.  

Though the majority of Christians in Cameroon are Roman Catholic, among the rest of the people, traditional polytheism remains strong.  As such, there is great opportunity for spreading the faith.  Anglican Catholic worship and teaching has proven to be appealing, and the parish of St. André has already outgrown its facilities.  Father David Marriott of the ACC-Canada, who visited Cameroon in September of 2011, reports there is great demand for ACC parishes to be built in and around Yaoundé.

Two problems have slowed progress: a lack of funding for Father Alphonse and his work, and a shortage of trained clergy. The second relates to the first: with few resources, it has been very difficult to teach new ordinands.  There is, at present, no money for books, tuition, or student support.

Despite this challenge, the people of St. André are determined to persevere.  It is only with your help, however, that the growth we have seen in Cameroon can be consolidated and strengthened, so that the Word of God can be made available to all.  


Clergy in Congo Father Steven Ayule-Milenge and his clergy are
dedicated to serving their flock in war torn Congo.

It is hard for us in the West’ to imagine a state of affairs where we might have to run from our homes into the bush in order to survive fighting between the army and armed militias.  What is more, we might not be able to tell the difference--which are army, which are rebel militia? And yet it is the desire to sell to the West  the various mineral ores which lie below the ground that gives rise to much of the fighting.  Western money pays for the fighting, and makes life miserable for the people of Eastern Congo, in the province of Sud-Kivu.

When terrible things happen, people have a great need for God in their lives: He is the source of all good when we turn from the evil we see in daily life: and it is to bring the Word of God to those in great need that Fr. Steven Ayule-Milenge and the clergy and lay catechists try their very best to accomplish: from Bukavu on Lake Kivu to the south along Lake Tanganyika to Baraka and Fizi.

Against all odds, with few resources other than what is sent from overseas, and in a war zone, they work to build parishes and missions.  Likewise they build community, where community has been harmed, has been wounded by man’s inhumanity to man, where rape is ‘just a weapon of war’. And in building community, they show the world that most of the people want to live in peace and harmony: family, village and community, with the centre of that community being their church.

To find out more about the MSSP and its mission, contact its director, The Reverend Stephen Scarlett

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