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Meals in the orphanage One of the projects supported by the
MSSP is the orphanage in Port-au-Prince.

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In 2010 Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake.  With a magnitude of 7.0, few buildings were spared and there was a tremendous loss of life.  Fortunately, when the earthquake struck, the orphans at the ACC facility in Port-au-Prince were outside and both they and the staff sustained only minor injuries.  Still, the infrastructure there, and at the mission in Tapio, will need shoring up, and the physical needs of the inhabitants are great.

Prior to the earthquake, the MSSP had allotted a budget of $73,500 to improve and expand the orphanage and school.  MSSP funds have provided the Orphanage provided the orphans with a new facility, but as a result of the distater, most of its budget went to humanitarian relief.   

At present the School in Tapio is open and running, but needs funds for teachers, materials, supplies and daily lunches. Likewise the Health Clinic there slowly being established, but it needs funds to pay for doctors, nurses, and medicines. All of this is over and above what went toward repairing damage and ministering to those in need in the earthquake's aftermath.

All that said, there is hope in Haiti.  Father Jean Bien-Aime, Vicar General of the Missionary Diocese, reports that the faith of the people is strong.  They will persevere despite the setbacks they have encountered.

To find out more about the MSSP and its mission, contact its director, The Reverend Stephen Scarlett

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