Wilkins Foundation assists Bishop Ayule-Milenge in providing health care in DRC--click here for report

The Wilkins Foundation was established in 2014 to help fight malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Since that time it has provided funding to fight disease establish clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To view a full report on its activities, click the link below. Learn More »

Information for 2020 Anglican Joint Synods now available--click here for more information

The 2020 Anglican Joint Synods will be held the week of January 13-17. Meetings of the G-4 jurisdictions (ACA, ACC, APA and DHC) will be scheduled separately; all will come together for the synod mass on Friday, January 17th. A summons and schedule for ACC participants can be found at the link below. Learn More »

G-4 Churches release prayer cycle including every North American parish--click here for download

The G-4 Churches (ACA, ACC, APA, DHC) have released their joint prayer cycle for 2019. Click the link below for a pdf download. Learn More »