Anglican Church Supplies

The links below are include a number of vendors who supply material of use to Anglican churches and their members. However, only the Anglican Parishes association and the Canterbury Church Shop are affiliated with the ACC. Other suppliers are linked as a service to the Continuing Anglican Community and their presence here does not imply an endorsement by or formal relationship with the Anglican Catholic Church.

Anglican Parishes Association

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The Anglican Parishes Association is an organization founded in 1981 by the then Right Reverend William O. Lewis to publish prayer books, missals, tracts, calendars, and other materials to serve the religious, educational, and liturgical needs of the Anglican Catholic Church and other interested persons. The proceeds from sales are devoted to the costs of publication, distribution and charitable giving. APA is the official publisher for the Anglican Catholic Church.



The Anglican Breviary

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The Anglican Breviary is a classic of Anglican spirituality.  It incorporates the King James Bible translation for scriptural readings, the matchless Coverdale Psalter, the Prayer Book collects and canticles, various dignified translations of the office hymns, sermons of the Fathers, and lessons on the lives of the Saints.  Copies are available from the Breviary website (link at left).  Instructions for use and further commentary can be found at the Anglican Breviary blog.



The Canterbury Church Shop

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The Canterbury Church Shop Ltd, is a UK based distributor of Christian gifts and Church Supplies. Its mission is to celebrate Canterbury’s Christian heritage and to supply residents of the City and Visitors alike. For centuries Canterbury has been a place of pilgrimage and pilgrims have been able to return home with small tokens of their faith and devotion. Through this website the CCC, which is official supplier to the ACC diocese of the United Kingdom, can serve the wider Christian Community.



Lynn Smith's Altar Linens

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Lynn Smith is the manufacturer and direct-to-consumer seller of fine sacramental linens. Ms. Smith has been making linens for liturgical worship since 1998. As both the manufacturer and direct seller, she is able to offer her products at a substantial savings over the large catalog providers of sacramental linens. A full refund or replacement is available for all non custom items. She also offers a free consultation to those with special linen needs.



King Richard's Religious Artifacts

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Founded in 1988, King Richard's Religious Artifacts has earned the reputation as a worldwide, full service religious goods and specialty contractor, servicing all aspects of religious design, construction, renovation, and removal.  It offers only the finest selections of antique and new religious supplies, exceptional European stained glass windows, new marble, and new carved wood and cabinetry.  Visit its website for a comprehensive selection of our available goods and services.